VAT Registration

Dear Valued Client

On 18th October 2020, the Government of Sultanate of Oman has published Royal Decree No. 121/2020 in the official gazette and Ministerial Decision No. 53/2021 published on 14th March 2021,

VAT in Oman shall be implemented with effect from 16th April 2021 in phased manner.

VAT is a consumption tax which is charged at the standard rate on all goods and services except those which are specially zero-rated or exempted.

VAT will be introduced at the standard rate of 5%. Our systems will be designed to ensure that VAT is charged, collected, and deposited in accordance with the VAT legalization.

We wish to inform you that Kunooz Oman Holding SAOC and all its subsidiaries has obtained VAT registration with the Oman Tax Authority,

Our VAT registration details accordance with the VAT registration certificate are provided below.

Effective 11 August 2021, Kunooz Oman Holding SAOC has received VAT Group Registration

VAT Group Registration Includes:

  • Kunooz Oman Holding SAOC – (Lead Member of VAT)
  • Kunooz Gabbro LLC
  • Kunooz Gypsum LLC
  • Kunooz Logistics Global LLC
  • Kunooz Readymix LLC

Accordingly, we will be issuing valid tax invoices charging VAT at applicable rate on all domestic supplies from 16th April 2021 in order to be VAT compliant.

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