HSE Generic Policy

Kunooz Oman Holding SAOC (Kunooz Oman) is a consolidation of a group of companies that are related to mining, qarrying, transportation, and the construction material industry based in the Sultanate of Oman. Kunooz Oman believes that the Occupational Health, Safety, Environment Protection and Security (HSSE) are key factors in its future business success and forms part of its corporate core values.

Kunooz Oman is committed to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment to all its stakeholders.
  • Protect the environment in which its operates.
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements in Oman.
  • Provide necessary resources to manage its HSSE programs.
  • Safeguard all its assets from loss and damage.
  • Train and motivate its employees, contractors and suppliers to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Communicate and consult with its employees as well as other interested parties on matters which affects their Health and Safety and encourage their participation in HSSE Management.
  • Foster a culture that empowers and supports anyone intervening safeguard people, asset and protect the environment.
  • Continually improve its HSSE performance by implementing¬† an effective HSSE management system.

HSE Policy

It is the policy of Kunooz Oman Holding to protect the health and safety of its members of staff, subcontractors, suppliers, and any other stakeholder involved in the Company business as well as the Environment in the areas where the Company conducts its business.

The Company will:

  • Enforce the HSSE culture as an inherent and pivotal value of the Company business.
  • Comply with all laws, regulations, and Government guidelines in force in the Sultanate, and work with the industry HSSE standards and guidelines.
  • Continuously improve HSSE performance and development.
  • Provide necessary training and coaching to all staff.
  • Empower all involved in the operations to stop unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally damaging activities.

Safe Driving Policy

It is the policy of Kunooz Oman Holding to protect the safety of its staff and subcontractors as well reduce as the impact of road traffic accidents to the lowest possible. Staff and subcontractors must comply with traffic legislations, be conscious of road safety and demonstrate safe driving and other good road safety habits when driving on Company business.

Responsibilities as driver

  • Ensure you hold a current driver license for the class of vehicle you are driving
  • Display the highest level of professional conduct when driving company vehicles
  • Assess hazards while driving and anticipate ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Drive within the legal speed limits.
  • Wear a safety belt at all times
  • Report vehicle defects to a supervisor or manager before the next vehicle use
  • Regularly check the oil, radiator and battery levels, and tyre pressure
  • Report any near misses, crashes and scrapes to your manager, including those which do not result in injury
  • Strictly follow the journey management plan
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited until the vehicle is stopped and parked in a safe location.

Smoking Policy

It is the policy of Kunooz Oman Holding to protect the health of its staff and stakeholders.

Smoking is prohibited in all worksites, without exception. This includes offices, camp, and staff house in other sites. This includes meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, and restrooms. Smoking is also prohibited in Company owned or leased vehicles or equipment.

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. No one may smoke along any path way or walk way leading to or from the designated smoking area. No visible evidence of smoking habit such as empty packets or cigarette ends shall be left in these areas at the surrounding of the Company premises.

Failure to comply with all of the components of this policy will result in disciplinary action that can lead up to and include employment termination.


Alcohol and Drug Policy

It is the policy of Kunooz Oman Holding to protect the health of its members of staff and stakeholders.

The Company:

  • Operates zero tolerance for individuals who arrive at work under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, non-prescription drugs, or prescribed medications or any other substance and/or whose ability to work is impaired in any way.
  • Reserves the right to conduct searches for drugs or alcohol, including, but not limited to, searches of lockers, filing cabinets, desks, packages, etc. which are on Company property or in a Company facility. Any drugs or alcohol found as result of such a search will be confiscated and the occupant or user of the object searched will be subject to disciplinary action, that can lead up to and including termination of employment.