About Kunooz Oman Holding

About Us

Kunooz was incorporated in January 2014 following the consolidation of five subsidiaries and two associates within the mining, quarrying, transportation and construction materials sectors. CEO said “Our current strategy involved ramping up and optimising our current operations and balance sheet, identifying new opportunities  and acquisition targets in order to become a key player in the mining space”.

The founders, the Al Rawas Family members have disinvested 20% of their shareholding in September 2016 to the Oman Investment Fund. The inclusion of OIF as a shareholder will increase investor confidence, lend credibitily and strength Kunooz’s transformation into a public company with a vision of IPO’ing in 2017 dependent on global market conditions.

Currently, all of our subsidiaries and associates are operational with export activities contributing approximately 60 per cent of the group’s revenue. Our business is currently export-driven and is aided by both global urbanization and infrastructure development. Given that we operate in related industries and sectors, our businesses are able to benefit from substantial synergies.

Our current aims can be summarized as follows:

Efficiently allocate capital to our operating companies in order to drive both individual and synergistic growth.

Continue to drive Kunooz forward by optimising our human resources; we strive to empower a top management team with sufficient flexibility to enhance operational efficiencies. In relation to this, we foresee extensive collaboration through partnerships within our holding structure.

Meaning of Kunooz

Kunooz is a company engaged in the mining of minerals and resources and its name in Arabic means “treasure”. Treasures which comprise of precious metals and stones are always found under the earth. Mining is also an industry which digs out mineral treasures. These two facets have been creatively blended in the logo wherein the lattice structure of the precious stone emerald has been used to form the creative design element in the logo.

The design element has a pyramid structure in the center which denotes the strong foundations on which the company has been built. The lattice structure is constructed from 5 different shades of green wherein each shade denotes one subsidiary. A circular border encloses all the design elements to denote that Kunooz is the overall holding company which holds these Subsidiaries together.

The five‐pointed stars in the design also depict the five Subsidiaries and reflect the high standards which each Subsidiary aims to set in its field of activity.

Colour Rationale

The  Green  colour  in  the  logo  has  been  derived  from  the  precious  stone  emerald.  This links to  the treasure  in the  company’s name and also to the fact that the  landscape of Dhofar  is primarily  green.

Green  also  stands  for  growth  which  is  imperative  to  make  the  company  a  successful  one.  In color psychology yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is also optimistic and cheerful.